You Can’t Be Both…Comfortable & Great

 I had this thought last night, I wanted to share with you. It’s impossible to be great & comfortable at the same time.  The only way to achieve greatness… by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Think about it? When we’re comfortable…..we tend to be complacent with our wants. However, when we achieve greatness…’s due to uncomfortable circumstances. I fully took notice of this when I was informed, my  imaged was used on a strangers vision board. Prior to this photo I was so comfortable, complacent, and stagnate, but the minute  I stopped being comfortable greatness took over. Presently, my imaged is being use as advertisement for The Community College of Baltimore County. I had no idea that my journey would phase others. I was excited, grateful, and honored about being ask to take the photo for the college. However, I never thought past the photos being developed and displayed. Purpose will shock you every time! I don’t know the young lady who used my picture, but I wish her all the best in being uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortably humbled by purpose…and not knowing what will be?  Get uncomfortable. ….it will do you wonders.#Mentalfitness 1779135_10152209908313809_913629574_s

It’s official…I’m a licensed Group Execiser

It’s official after all the studying, practicing, and sacrifices. I took the exam and I proudly announce. ….I’m a license group exercise trainer. Woohoo!!!!!  Allow me to give a quick back story of this picture. CCBC asked to take some pictures of me for their “See What You Can Be” campaign. Getting licensed was not the plan at the time…that seed was planted months later. I also didn’t know about the plans/ captions on this postcard? What’s my point? Life shows us our path way before we step into it!!!! The caption says “Future Fitness Entrepreneur”….meanwhile I was just smiling for the camera.  Wow this just came full circle in front of my eyes.  To be continued……………………….Postcard photo ……. #Mentalfitness#PlanningToTakeOverTheWorld

You Need To Lie to YOURSELF….The End Result Will Be GREAT

As long as we have breath….we also have the physical abilities to make the situation right. Some may think they’re mentally & emotional weak. FYI WE’RE ALL weak in certain areas….so here’s a tip for you to explore. FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE/BELIEVE IT. How many times have we faked something to impress others? How many lies have we told…..that WE actually started to believe it? Use that same concept & apply it towards self. YES, I want you to lie to yourself…… until you believe it! Whatever it takes to get you to the finish line…..of course not harming others in the process. Life is a classroom full of lesson preparing us for growth, wisdom, understanding, strength, endurance, love, pain, and compassion etc. In the end you will be surprised by the outcome! The lie was actually truth…… about how great you really are. However…….you wasn’t mentally ready to accept it yet. A wise person once said….. the truth hurts! Have a mentally fit day. #MENTALFITNESS3#FixTheProblems #StopCryingAboutIt #JustFixIt #Duh #Lie

A Message To My Sista


If you know me then you know I love being an African American woman. But if you don’t know me know this, I eat, sleep, and breathe the Black/African culture. But I’m finding as I continue to peruse my career path with Mental Fitness, some black women are haters. Sista what happened to the union black women had when they worked together? You know those days when they had to march side by side for equality, justice, fairness, and impartiality. When did we start becoming those castrating bi**hes society stereotype us as. Have we been oppressed for so long that we created an untruthful delusion? A delusion that my sister’s keeper is my enemy, my foe, my opponent, my adversary, and my rival. What date, year, and time did this delusion happen? I want to know the thought process on those who lead us here? But you know I really don’t care who created this error, I just need it to STOP. I would maybe understand this behavior from younger women, but sadly I’m observing this from women in their fourth and fifth decades. #Youshouldknowbetter But I guess “If you don’t know better you can’t do better”.-Maya Angelo #Shameful So for those of you who are hard headed, read my messages below (Tough Love).

What I have to say my offend some, but it’s okay they will get over it. This topic is taboo unless its amongt close friends, so since most won’t address it, I shall. What I’m I referring to? Black women hating on each other….instead of lifting each other up. As if we don’t go through enough as the minority…some of you are so petty, insecure, unpoised, unconfident, and unsure, of who you are that you develop hate for others. Maybe if you truly learned your self-worth, self-respect, and self-understanding of YOU….doors would start opening for you. But to sit and discredit another SISTER because she’s HAPPY, CONFIDENT, SECURE ,AND A beast in her purpose is sad. Hey don’t get made at her…..take that up with God boo. He’s the one blessing her! In fact, you’re also allowing many blessing for her too…BECAUSE YOU’RE PUSHING/LIFTING HER WITH YOUR HATE. DUH! See a happy person can only go in one direction (UP)… you’re only making it easy for that individual to be successful. Ummm so I guess in a sense. …….thank you! Listen honey boo boo go somewhere and really focus on yourself, your craft, and your circle because hate is contagious. Take a good hard look at your placement in life. Be authentic with your real issues….stop using others as your excuse.  I know hating comes from both genders and all races, but today I’m being specific. To do the same thing and expect a different result….that’s the definition of insanity. So if you want different…girl change your attitude. Or you can grab a copy of “A Dose of Mental Fitness”, I shall get you there. Oh you can also go to Amazon and buy the book…for those who don’t want me to know you’re reading it. K that’s all have a mentally fit day.


Health & Fitness Article: Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Fitness Tip: Sugar, Sugar, Sugar – Often people think that by drinking fruit juices or eating low fat fruit made snacks that they are cutting out or eliminating sugar in their diets. The facts are that some fruit juices have more sugar than a soda. Reduction of sugar is important for good quality health and weight management. Always check out the sugar content of anything you put in your mouth; even if you think it might be healthy for you.

Exercise of the day: Band Reverse Wood Chop – The Band Reverse Wood Chop is an awesome full body exercise movement with the use of your exercise bands.
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Validate your Damn Self


Why do we need validation from others? In my book “A Dose of Mental Fitness” I urge you to go against all norms. So with that thought in mind, being validated by others is miscellaneous because it’s a norm. By not gaining endorsements from people does this take away who you are, what you’ve accomplished, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and that you’re a bad a** at what you do? Absolutely not! If you don’t win the prize (not validated), does this mean you lost? Nope it simply means….whoever was judging don’t agree. I was once in a discussion in my Black Studies class taught by Michelle D. Wright. She used the topic of the Oscar, and its track record of winners. It’s no secret that European actors are the predominate winners of the Oscars. But there are just as many actors of color who can act. So the question is, should more people of color win an Oscar? Most would say yes, but again “by not gaining endorsements from people, does this take away who you are, what you’ve accomplished, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and that you’re a bad a** at what you do?” Being validated is merely someone’s opinion of who they think you are. And we all know what they say about opinions “There like a**holes… WE ALL HAVE ONE”. So who cares if people/the world never validate you. VALIDATE YOURSELF… THIS WAY YOU RECEIVE THE OPINION YOU WANT!!!!!!!!!!!

Health & Fitness Article: Getting the Most from your Supplementation

Fitness Tip: Don’t be Fooled with Diets – Most people are completely confused when the word diet or nutrition is used. Your body needs to have nutrients replaced, whether through foods being eaten or supplementation. Do you remember what you learned in elementary school about the four major food groups? As an adult, eating balanced healthy meals from these four food groups still applies. It is extremely important to remove the “junk food” from your meal plan, and stick with healthy balanced foods. If you do not like certain things such as fruits and vegetables, be sure you are taking a supplement to get the nutrients you definitely need.

Exercise of the day: Ball Hamstring Curl Reverse – The Ball Hamstring Curl Reverse helps you build a toned lower body region, as you utilize your fitness ball to develop your hamstrings.
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The Ugly Truth

Mentally fit people,


   Hello I’m back and excited about posting some new blogs and pictures. I miss you all! The last blog I think was over a month ago. I was preparing for the African American Book Festival which was this past Saturday. My book is official on the market it’s called “A Dose of Mental Fitness”. I’m proud, excited, and still in disbelief that I’m an author. My book is composed of a bunch of miscellaneous thoughts and personal stories. However, they all lead to the same conclusion…NEVER TRY AND FIT INTO ONE STANDARD. Being authentic is the only true way of living life and being happy. Even if that authentic truth is ugly, unpleasant, and foul at least you are aware of it. Change can’t happen unless you are conscious of the issue at hand. True change comes once authenticity is allowed and this clears a pathway to candidness. I purposely wrote the book to be at times offensive, rude, and straight to the point. I feel it don’t take forever to get yourself together. I know at one time or another we all have been victims, but do we have to play that victim role? Ponder on this question until next week….I have an answer to this question!

See y’all next Tuesday at 5 pm


Health & Fitness ArticleWhy Weight Training for Fitness?

Fitness TipSurround yourself with winners. – One of the key qualities of successful people is that they avoid negative individuals. Instead, they choose to spend the majority of their time surrounded by those who have already achieved what they seek to achieve. So if your goal is to weigh 135 pounds through healthy eating and active living, then seek out others who already live a healthy lifestyle and have achieved their weight loss goals. Hanging out with people who just talk about getting in shape, but who never take persistent action, will increase your chances of never reaching your goal.

Exercise of the day: Band Shoulder Press – The Band Shoulder Press will power up your shoulder muscles with the use of fitness bands.

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Precision Nutrition with Dr. Berardi: Fiber Facts, by Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition


Juicing for health & wellness

PhotoGrid_1372038872564 Juicing is becoming more popular as people learn the benefits it provides to the body. I credit my recent health, wellness, and weight loss to juicing. I was never big on vegetables unless it was soul food vegetables saturated in seasonings. Granted you’re getting your dose of vegetables, but most of the nutrients are slowly cooked out of it. The idea of me eating an uncooked vegetable was out of the question. So you know juicing was not a thought. It was not until I tried Dr. Oz Green drink I took a new perspective on juicing.  I like most assumed drinking vegetables would be as nasty as eating them. And in some cases that may be true depending on the juice. But with the right mixtures of fruit and vegetables it can be great. People are often asking me for juicing tips, so today I will oblige the request of juicing information. 

I am currently on my third day of Dr. Oz 3 day detox, and I must say I FEEL GREAT! There are rules for his detox which can be found on Today I will provide a quick recipe for everyday juicing. You can also goggle juicing tips or buy juicing books. But I say the best way to learn is through experience. Buy yourself an inexpensive juicer when starting off. But once you get the hang of it, treat yourself to something better. Just jump in and have fun! Enjoy! 

Health benefits:  

  •   Improving your metabolism
  • ·         Detoxification
  • ·         Hormonal balance
  • ·         Blood sugar control
  • ·         Reducing inflammation
  • ·         Body fat reduction 

 Weight lost drink: Use a blender or juice it.

  • ·         Apple
  • ·         Celery
  • ·         Cucumber
  • ·         Ginger
  • ·         Kale
  • ·         Lemon 

Improved health conditions: 

There’s plenty of stories out there about people who started juicing to lose weight, but what they’ve found was that it also helped out an existing health condition of theirs. We’ve compiled a list of health conditions that our juice recipes could help with. Choose your health condition below and find all the juice recipes that could help!


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Fitness Tip: Business Travel Training – When traveling out of town, book a hotel with a gym. It’s the next best thing to training at home. And if there’s no gym, make your own! In lieu of a stair stepper, try the stairs! In lieu of a treadmill, try the sidewalk. In strange areas always check with the front desk about the safety of the surrounding area, particularly at night.

Exercise of the day: Ball Band Chest Press Advanced – The Ball Band Chest Press Advanced exercise, really challenges you as you stabilize yourself on one leg using your fitness ball as you work your entire chest region with exercise bands.
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YOU Time!!


Hello mentally fit people,  I would like you to have some YOU time. We prepare for family, friends, work, church, and strangers,  but what about SELF?? Today take a minute for YOU and meditate. I want to share this YouTube video with you. In meditation, you will find PEACE and answers. What peace do you need? I don’t know?  What answers do you need I don’t know? But what I do know is you need you time. Enjoy the video! Have a mentally fit day!

Relaxation Music – 1 Hour Meditation Candle


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One hour HD recording of meditation candle and gentle music.
For the best guided meditations on the planet, click here:

Music: “Relax” by Davgar ( )